It’s two of us.

Fabrizio Di Sotto, a young and creative engineer in Computer Sciences with experiences in many areas of the informatics world, significantly in geo-localization and security fields. Also, he is active in web design, web projects and systems. When not doing all of this mysterious stuff, he is on his motorbike, with his girlfriend, doing… well… let’s say OTHER mysterious stuff.

And Carlo Mastroberardino, a not so young (but not so old either) Marketing and Sales wizard with studies in the field of Communication and a significant… well… future-behind-him… ok… past career in directing his family’s very famous winery activities all around the world for many years.

The planet-crashing meeting of two very different and yet kind of similar personalities gave birth to neXt. A company with somewhat unusual interests in the field of electronics and informatics, and yet an eye to social and human aspects of them. The objective: to fill needs in the electronic world we don’t even know we have yet.